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Business Management Software Consulting and Implementation



At Nextlevel Information Solutions, we provide business management implementation and consulting services for mid-market businesses that are in various stages of evaluating the need for buying or improving business software. We strive to economically maximize technology for our clients to run a better managed, efficient, and profitable business.

Let’s call  business management software (accounting software, CRM software, eCommerce and HRMS, and more) ERP software. The power of an ERP software is fully realized when you work with a consulting services firm that has the skills required to understand your current business processes and what you are trying to achieve, coupled with the technical skills to intelligently and economically fill any requirement gaps if necessary. Those skills are Services. NextLevel listens intently to the specific needs of each organization and then work diligently with the customer to recommend and provide the right ERP solution to meet their functional needs, business goals and IT vision. Our core strength is clearly defining our client's requirements and recommending options that solve business problems that realize verifiable improvement to day-to-day operations while creating a pathway towards achieving short and long-term goals.

Buying business management software can be a complicated process. In the end, the Top 5 criteria used to evaluate the success of any ERP project are:  Ease of Use, Functionality & User Adoption, System Integrations, Reporting Self Sufficiency through Powerful & Flexible Excel-based Tools, and Meeting Time-line & Budgeting Guidelines.

NextLevel’s expertise in ERP Planning, ERP Implementations, Customized Solutions, Network Services, and Training is designed to support you in your ERP evaluation: from the initial project idea, through the milestones of business goals and project definition, and to a successful Go Live.