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Proficient and self-sufficent customers are our goal

ERP Implementation

  • ERP deploymment that fits your IT strategy (Saas, hosted, or on-premise)
  • Run your business on one system: ERP, CRM, eCommerce
  • Proficient and self-sufficent customers are our goal
  • 1000+ ERP successfully completed projects

Many of today's ERP buyers desire a cloud/based/hosted deployment.  Others desire the more traditional on-premise business software model.  Based on market demands, NextLevel implements and provides on-going support for a variety of ERP solutions:  Acumatica, Sage 300cloud (Accpac) and Sage EM (Enterprise Management). Because these ERP solutions enable you to run your entire business on one system, your data is no longer siloed.  It is available to be reported on and shared between your finance, operations, marketing, sales, and customer support. These solutions deliver integrated, full service ERP, CRM, and eCommerce functionality.  

During every implementation we focus on delivering a solution that is easy to use, facilitates user adoption, integrates business critical systems, provides reporting self sufficiency through powerful and flexible excel-based tools, while meeting timeline and budgeting guidelines. Knowledge transfer is key to a successful implementation.  We eagerly help our customers become proficient and self-sufficient ERP users.  Self-sufficiency doesn't equate to isolation - we're always there to answer a question, knock out a report or build a simple integration.  Further, we're there to assist as your organization prepares for the next level of growth.   

Typical outcomes include helping our customers achieve one or more of the following Strategic Business Initiatives.  

bullet.png Increase Business/Shareholder Value bullet.png Increase Revenue bullet.png Increase Market Share
bullet.png Address Business Threats (competition) bullet.png Increase Client Retention bullet.png Decrease Internal Costs