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Sage the world's largest software publisher to small and medium sized businesses

Sage EM (Enterprise Management, formerly Sage X3)

  • Sage the world's largest software publisher to small and medium sized businesses 
  • Designed to be easily adaptabed to the customer’s business rules
  • Dashboards, Business Intelligence & Reporting, Workflow and Alerts
  • Designed to reduce implementation costs and timeframes

Sage Enterprise Management delivers functional completeness out of the box. Functional completeness, defined as a smartly designed with preconfigured user roles, visual process flows, data import templates, KPI dashboards (50), and over 440 reports. A flexible easy to configure design means fast Enterprise Management implementations (from 35 days) are realistic not the exception. Elegantly designed decision reporting tools display the real time data required by Finance, Sales, Service and Marketing, Purchasing, Inventory, and Manufacturing executives and line managers to make informed, insightful, timely business decisions. Sage has built Enterprise Management with big ERP capacity without all the cost and complexity.

Sage Enterprise Management offers the best value to mid-sized growing businesses with sophisticated business processes, strong regulatory and quality requirements, and potential global management needs. 

Sage Enterprise Management can be deployed locally or globally and is readily accessible through a web browser. The web-native capabilities ensure all users have the same access to the system wherever they are.

 (LSESGE). Sage is the world's third-largest ERP software publisher and largest provider to small and mid-sized businesses (over 6.1 million customers worldwide). 


bullet.png Enterprise wide functional completeness delivered out of the box.
bullet.png Integrate all processes and streamline operations.
bullet.png Expanded visibility accelerates communications and informed decision making.
bullet.png Designed for rapid deployment, delivered with the advanced functionality evolving businesses require.

 For a Sage Enterprise Management Datasheet Click Here